The Finnish Society of Computational Sciences (Sulatis) is a scientific association. The objective of the society is to improve the status of computational sciences and to promote the use of their results in the field of computational sciences in Finland.

Society promotes development in the field of computational sciences as well as the use of the research results both in industry and commerce. It also supports research work and communication between researchers.

Sulatis organizes scientific meetings, seminars and other activities and produces information and publications. Within the framework of financial resources the society may grant funding for researchers’ travelling and other scholarships, publication work, setting up scientific meetings and other purposes that promotes computational sciences.

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Chairman of the Board Professor Rolf Stenberg
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Secretary Antti Hannukainen
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Join the society easily by the following form. Fill out the form and send it via email to our secretary. You can accomplish this by pressing the “Send via email” button at the end of the form.

Membership fee for the year 2010 is 20e and 10 e for PhD students. Joining is free for students. If you are interested in membership and have any questions, please contact our secretary.

Please note, that this form can also be used for sending feedback and updating your contact information.

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